Another Year, Another #ConsciousFestival.

When November (or the Brrrr months) rolls around, the Conscious Festival becomes a thing of pre-Xmas & X-patriate women’s shopping fancy. The timing is just so on-pointe, that i find myself drawn to it, year after year - it’s been on since 2017.

So far, i have whittled down a few things i have been inspired by and what i aim to get / buy for people, instead of the commercially hewn things that we see around in malls today. Things to buy here (because it is just better):

1/ Soap. (In all its organic forms, and non-sulfate, fragrant, allergen-friendly variants). And drugstore-grade french organic makeup.


2/ Ethically made jewellery that circles to feed communities by founders.


3/ Skincare that are community-made, and ethically sourced.


4/ Food made from kitchens (not imported, and shipped by burning carbon fossil fuels on the round trip of being sold to you from the European shop that’s been made in Malaysia).

ALL christmas fairs must really have this. So, it is to one’s palate that this actually adjusts to - but i went to all the booths that had them - and the kitchens of the ladies who made them “locally” are residents here, who from their respective regions have lots to be proud of - and we have them to thank for sharing their special recipes to add to our tables.

5/ Yummy organic wine.

I tasted Emma Clough’s, (the founder of TTG Wines), first-hand recommendations of my favourite rosée’s - both the brut cuvée (pure pinot, dry from NZ, pictured on the crate shelving below) and the spumante (the sparkling one, pictured here on top).


6/ Eyewear, Sunnies & Eco-frames. Need i say more? It will last longer, with a community cult following, that’s not factory-made.


7/ Artists’ plates.


8/ Natural oils, and cosmetics made from plants (organically grown and un-hemped).


9/ Colourful slippers / flipflops. (Made of recycled material that won’t be washed away on beaches after a rollicking annual full-moon or zouk festie.)


10/ Swimsuits - well, that’s just me. I could never have enough of them onesies. For surfing or for your daily swim. (An activity i highly recommend all-year round.)

As the Christmas season nears, i appreciate a curation of really good products to my now very Green beauty / presents collection. Only the cleanest - for the ones you love best.

And now, all those Xmas fair booths, are enlightened with the Green Movement, and this is a worthwhile fête to always come back to every year.
Whether you had a booth, a budding green trep, or a founder of a movement (The Redux of Plastic in the Seas & WWF were here).

So, looking forward to bumping into you again - around same time, next year?*

Also, Inch Chua was there, as a special guest. (Joy.)*


A very endeared shout out to the Founders of eco-startup Green is the New Black, Stephanie Dickson & Paula Miquelis for having this every year - and qualifying us to write about things we love to talk about, and approach this with reconciling our super-sized passion throbbing in our DNA for anyway: shopping, food, fashion, film, with what clean businesses are doing for the environment - and how more invitingly as actively conscious-social consumers, how we can now loyally reward their pursuit for it.

GreenIsTheNewBlack, teeming with information for everyone - and a documentary that has previewed at The Projector today, has a website.


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