Fashioning me a page.

So, it’s a Leap Year. It only occurs in every what, 4 years? It’s like the World Cup, happening in Australia this year. Or like the Olympics.

And now, in The Year of the Rat, the 2nd month of the 20th year, on the 2nd decade into the Millenia, there is yet another one!

Coincidental? Or am i just a superstitious-like hopeful hoping i win the lottery? I think some things we are “led into” by intuition or maybe we asked the right questions, and we were answered (either literally by the person you asked), or by “the universe at large” (sometimes called the internet, pinged by search indexes on enabled applications or browsers).

2013_cmcr_with caren..jpg
(Pictured here is my friend Caren Grey from early uni days, but ended up having the same circle of good friends in advertising - and we are friends as well as loafer twins!)

I chose this picture to replace my colourful old 2014 Clarke Quay selfie for my newly-revived WeWork network member profile. (It is real proof, that when you hem and haw in the correct places, there is progress.) And i needed to lay down a perspective of my being friends with who i am friends with - in case it was weird i hung out with more women than i did men. It wasn’t out of any soccer-team-pick especially (though i did play college football in an all-female-schools-team), but it was more preference on casual coffee, rather than marriage or sexual partnerships (more on that later, in case it wasn’t clear).

When planets align, that kind of is not commonplace, and all the planetary occurrence is - considered by most experts at psychic energy conferences - seriously rare. Or at least not your garden-variety daily routine, “oh ya that”.

Libraries have five out of ten grown out of seeking a better card cataloguing system other than the Dewey Decimal Systems, how are we to improve upon things that have already given us - information systems are meant to be whipped up into shape to contain everything that encompasses human life, as we speak - and since the cataloguing of what had populated the internet since it had been amassed, formatted and uploaded into the “cloud”, or what are servers in compliance to code that can grant access to your data - in your “own piece of sky” (for about $9.99 per month, for 1TB worth of space).

The taxidermy of design is as complex as the taxidermy of being an effective entrepreneur. It does not depend on your school, creds, or school of thought. It is what sets entrepreneurs from being just “school orgs”. The risk taken by treps: high, the risk taken in schools: zero.

When you’re down and out as a school organisation leader, your grandma goes: “Oh, how are you doing, you seem to be needing a magical aperitif”, and pulls out a ___ ? (insert name of favourite snack or treat here), to make you instantly feel better. In real TREP life, your grandma probably lives far away, or no longer wants to be part of your “shenanigans”: why are you still here at home in your pyjamas?! is probably what she will yell at you.

Get a place, share space with your mates / crew / team. The solution to this emotional imperfection by some super-funded Treps in the late 2010’s was to establish a Work-Live environment in NYC providing sharing apartments (and in America, this is Not done out of the college dorm room-sharing) - but also now seen in Bali and Thailand since about 2012-2013. (I have been offered two accommodations in barcelona, as well as in Bali & SG, because of the well-made networking and THAT is normal), in today’s trep-equations. We are making a difference, and sometimes high risk is taken to get there.

For some, having several hats (not personas, but it may not be that far off), is what it takes to be able to Hipster-Hack-Hustle in today’s denominational un-flat financial world - we cost in today’s dollars, not grandma’s time’s dollars. BTW.


So, when that is something you need to remunerise since banks approve in today’s collateral what yesterday’s vintage coat of $200 is today’s $5000, then we can do that - and RISK not being able to get it back. But pervasiveness in what you risk, when, and is as sensitive as stock markets - as they come and go, and the best ones have intuition about the brands, and how much they want to make, and want to sink in to the deal, or risk.

What is not something you should, but some ‘treps seem to for good measure - is validate your “social worth”. That, for me - is something you may not be able to recover. And when you risk that - it is a transformational accord - and some organisations can help you gain that back (if it is a loss), or transfer it to more positive accounts (if it is a gain), to be able to apply it on to a platform-multiplier effect for divesting into other accounts.

Advisory roles sometimes get into Volunteer/ Advocate roles - and in Grandma’s time, that’s a serious no-no. Venturing into capital as Investor, and granting advice as well as capital expense, and (for me, the most valuable sort of help) Accounting blech!, - (and that sentiment makes for probably half of the Trep world) is a good harmonising sequence to Carl Sagan’s paraphrased, “It’s just not me.”.

Marketing professionals sometimes variably leap into the CEO position since they encountered being the centre of every product universe, and they hold the pivot point to every road to the gross pointe launch.

Okay, where were we? Oh yes, Fashion….



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