Final Frontiers on Social. #GreyMatterSocials (vii)

Sustaining socials, is more than a word-of-mouth conundrum.

Again, we go back to its definitions: social (as in the system of government), and socials (as in the mingling, and the after-party decadence of PR and business people - varying per culture), and social (the digital place where we are asked to be proprietarily engaged, as well as orderly).

Bit advanced for a 2020 assessment? Not really. Reviewing the millennia so far - 2000 had seen a million launches of websites, as google and social applications that were on Netscape - and a few such as iconic messenger on desktop (not on browser) launched the (inter)face of a thousand independent messaging applications. Not like g-talk which was the early FB messenger - you can only access it if you were g-mailing.

And this being the early norm, collapses the perturbed awakening of a generation’s connectedness without leaving their proverbial doors.

This meant the disillusion (& eventual dissolution) of a million actual real-life interactions, as we (literally) speak: *courtship, (suitors now can access girls and women and bypass their watchdog dormitory guards or their guardians, parents who weren’t on campus with the laptops/ computers/ hand-held stylus-navigated PalmV / hybrid first-generation PDAs); speaking for hours on the phone, lines that were considered landlines - as people would rather LAN line and chat while doing “homework or research”, and echoing the need for faster internet at the same time - bandwidth for “room chats”; staying in your circle of friends because now that you had more reach, you now had less need for gasp! context; and that curiosity for cellular efficiency meant a platform for multi-lingual, multi-executions of relationships that cross all grids (literally): race, country, time-compression, space, and rural agency (culturally, we conduct terms of engagement via traditional cerebral tut-tutting or the chin-wag of elders).

/Elders/: a constant flow of passing on the watch Torch from the tech-and-social-forward BabyBoomers to tech-and-literature-savvy Gen*X* to soon, the workaholic-Y-Millennials (horrors), and indigo-Generation Z.

Now, we hold ourselves in contempt for the speedy cultural bi-phase that happened with the internet - but, as there are good things that happened with the social bad - the tendency to re-trace is now opted with supplanting what went missing or wanting with a substitution edict or what is the cure to the downsides to the internet’s social platforms.

The mobile internet is a subset of the largely 120% globally on-boarded populace - we can reach more than the “rising economies of market- restricted china”, but even the “traditional and far-flung alaska”, and this presents a host of e-commerce reach within the natural web. But the mobile commerce has now superseded the features of what was yet to become.

Those of us who were pragmatic, held to our dogmas and charismatic scales of needing to pursue what’s new - to balance the golden age of establishment - and to uphold the platforms made by the young, a very independent governing statute that actually in most political pre-Obama systems amalgamated pride among those who speak tech, and walk tradition. Twitter, was the democratic platform to Facebook’s social upperclass hyper-bred, while synchronising what to technocrats today would actually see it turned upside down. Twitter-atis are actually more elitist - if you don’t have an account, you must not know not. Not know who.

So, to get the summaries in context, this journalistic-blogger-dom had gone to video-youtube-blog madness is now what encompasses Media, in its entirety. This trail to no longer being able to delineate Social Media with Media, is how we know that tech had come a long way from Commercial TV to Digital Interstitials. And up-stream media to downstream, night airing (primetime) to daytime. When the internet clocks in as global time, the world is up 24/7.

Now, you know why we need that coffee. 10pmEST. Stet. Like, yesterday.

Signing out of this #hashtag,

TheTwitteratiRatPack #


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