Of summer reading lists….and tae-bo.

So, squeezing into a poolside onesie, and dedicating a full 6-8 hour sit-down to a single book, until i’ve finally actually finished it from end to end, is coming up more a rosebush thorny challenge, than a bushel of apples.

But i have made up my mind about the task at hand: to actually get my proper leisure reading rates up to snuff: i held a record 10-20 a month in my peak 20-20 eyeglass power, age fifteen. I think i need to absolutely commence it regardless of the ageing cornea not diluting in the proper daylight - or lack of it. (Ok, the iris dilutes, not the cornea, but since mine is singular-coloured, there is no real visible difference.)

Summer has gone off to a really good productive start.

With my summer guests held at a contented state of chill, the summer pace has me with its initialised bating breath of fresh air, upon which i wish to build a very inspired reading list - covering nothing at all textbook-normal - or what has been covered to speed-read my way to college as a sixteen year old.

Whether that ran the gamut of a science exploration, or a hormonal inventiveness that covered a cover-to-cover impassioned third-person biographical stance to the lives of scientists that were too busy in their multimillion funded ventures of finding the next new micronic device to envelope their queries of quantum space, into less of a toss-and-turn in their sleep, to a steady and peaceful snooze.

It may have been just alluding to the scientific gestures that over the years, impassioned most of the cohorts that got imploded by the requirements of “scientific journaling” instead of actual query, and losing sight of their real questions into their applications in real life - and what was it about real life anyway that made them so curious about its processes and the inability of the normalcy of their daily ventures that lead them to diversify into the abyss of the mindful graying of the post-graduate/doctoral dissertations of learning curves?

This is no rat race going forward, there is no trophy husband to impress, and no parents to keep from being the talk of the town as their weird daughter forays into subjects not prohibited by her very rebellious gender or nature, and no limits to what your mind, as per book-research-library-town-post-code-country, in your digital reach.

(Please nerds, make that index, now.)


In between, gusts of wistful energised brisk-walking, uni-cycling compressed water yoga, or runs in the park. (or what actually could be, tae-bo, if i wanted it, or knew what the heck it was…)

Now, it’s just for me.

(Will link my final list in the next three days, currently in a process of determined compile). Else, follow me on Goodreads here.


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