Sequencing dna’s, & (also, of) data.

It sounds like a pilot of some science fiction episode where the characters are based on a Mameth play, but it is drawn from some actual desire that is lacking in some-midsummer-life. Which can explain why some writers, in their dawn-to-dusk stages, & in their undying refinement of craft really might excel in: insight writing, while needing the sustain of both its freshness, as well as the refreshingly retired stages of a defined after-life of sorts.

Its parallel to the genome-writing, is that we might encounter all levels of cultivation, which enhances the actual capacity towards severing the collapse of an equilateral reconnaissance - whether compounded by actual vacation spaces - will be consisted in and of the same arrival, to its very unique (sequenced) conclusion.

We can substantially mis-interpret loads of massive integrations to interfaces that complete and compare systems that had been through massive compliant stages - are asymmetrically interesting at best, and simplified compounded esoteric, at its worst.

Which, in this case, is very much like our DNA.

As is any corporate branding’s or when fireside chats include their: “It is in our DNA,…” when they address people, towards their company ethos.

We are compelled to sound very daunting, and it is seriously a deeper examine of an ecosystem, when we rely heavily on its roots to clue us in - or in what we might actually consider the basic foundations of why the heck did someone build this. We spy the great design in the making, or maker.

And when we look back on our foundations, or what makes the DNA structures of ourselves, these are similar to the stages of writing chapters slowly in the pages of their intentioned serial stories, fictionalised pages of what the paths are to make their actual plights to succeeding building their lives, are written in the basic building block that their grounding makes: either spied in their morals, or in their authentic stamping of dreams, in their making exactly “as mother made it”, or in what makes their worlds go round.

These platitudes, considered once a branding-101 must, and as very avid soldiers or brand-builders, we elegantly comply. But it is not hard to understand why we need this.

We see this plotted towards a mainstream analyses - now, thanks to being more than the walking-dead-digital-intelligentsia, when we actually have the half-wit sense to actually make ourselves the kind of platforms that commit to record in diaries and journals, what we have done, eaten, stayed over at, stolen, staked, steered, bewildered, pronounced, achieved, accounted for, accosted, shaken up, and seriously loved.

And in our lives, we see this in building our cellular levels to upgrade, and not to uphold them, make us daunted within ourselves. Like a ticking time bomb. Waiting for detonators, that activate us (to), and make things happen.

Exactly like the 24 real time differences, in approaching the kind of insufferable people that we are.


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