Hot Pockets for Hot Shots.

When you are top of your industry, sometimes you can freelance your way to gaining back your own time, slowly. But not until?

Exploring this perspective, is what i am imagining a world where i jump from airport to airport, without a meeting to catch, and yet - commit to articles that keep up the lifestyle-as-a-paycheck that people would vicariously live through as. I think it’s been done before, as a trep that made it around the world, and writing in cafés that cornered the XML-enabled-through-a-paywall subscription service that goes through wallets that help pay for trips, probably not as Real Time (going through border channels, and credit card/ payment agents that commit to enabling this), but also to be able to continue their active pursuit of “themselves”.

Apparently, i am not alone in this. And in a world where Freelancing is a valid work-life choice, in a transitional period of border-limited work prospects, or circumstantial dis-accord and products of dis-ingenuity that are not in anyone’s control (as in my 9-11, and 2008 Lehmann deconstructions), and not just an overtired-habit-of-bored-expat-housewife exponential construct - where the validity of her status, can not make sense of her immediate surrounds of multi-cultural grids and have compounded the illegitimately arrid circumstance, after the legal, exclusively-contracted mutual access to combined marital pockets have been inelegantly socially abducted. Or maybe, i was dreaming it all up?

After all, “husband-theft” is a thing, like rotating chairs of “who’s in charge here, Charlie?”, in Expat Asia. (Apparently.) Which makes expat wives (extra) nervous, or single expat women just seriously marriage-averse?

So, this is what happens when you pursue being a freelancer - in whatever business or line of personal work that you have decided to pursue, for financial, social or personal gain.

Here is an excerpt of Creative Freelancing, from a circle of actual Creative Directors - and people whom i have had the real privilege of being connected to.

Read this now.
Charlotte Street’s article “Don’t Lower Your Day Rate”.

This article, isn’t just self-affirming, it is damning your hippie conscience to Not Sell Yourself Properly.

So Creative people, get with it.

(And please, charge very very accordingly.)


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