Something Green, & Something DeepTech.

This was a week-long tech conference, probably more a thematic, than a week of serial tech purposing in post-work events.

Emergent in the era of building-community-as-a-general-motivation, more than a form of groundwork campaign is here to stay, people have now come out of the woodworks - and are quite compelled to build their own ventures as they encounter them.

Or because it was just “the thing to do, a la silicon valley” at the time?

The premise of both are faulted at the seams - but only as cultural traits show themselves in the crags of the foundations they are built upon.

We coordinate ourselves in the selling - as a service, as a scaleable offer to people - concentrating on the business and the shelving, the golden monetary evaluation, majority shares issues, and the eventual flip.

But are they solving anyone’s problems? Or is the ecosystem perked up to become a reward for trials and error - and becoming a mom-and-pop is as lucrative as “small businesses” are by re-naming them as what might qualify as a startup?

As confusing as terminologies are for debit is to the local NETS service is to what debit is known for worldwide (the chip-to-pin access system) versus what is locally known as the debit system that tech only reconciled with the tap (NFC) card developments later in the before-10s noughties.

As startups were meant to collaborate with the fallout of corporations too giant? Or as they now find themselves with department-fulls of mindless interns - who would never have gotten passes without grad school creds? And yet saves the middle to upper management who can’t learn how to RSS download a feed to content themselves the illusion that content can still be pirated without any real licence - passing through-border copyright & modern content laws.

It’s not by any mean intention to point this out - the rails against multi-culturism and multi-cultural companies being subject to their capacity, and being non-diverse in their natures - are accommodated to instill a deeper sense of camaraderie and fallout of basic goodwill to society-a community.

This doesn’t need to be instituted - it needs to be subcultural, and it hasn’t been that since the “race to bitcoin” or the implement to having multi-wallets, and again - the money becomes the problem.

I think the real instances where we collapse our efforts towards being sycophants instead of elephants-in-the-room unresolved, is just a probability of multi-asian upperlip estates gone awry.

When someone rants with their 80s yuppie garbage about something that i “ought to be, or should be”, which i would obviously be expected to rattle their cages back with: you, and what country’s digital army exactly?

Wasn’t that thematic in the 80s? No one really looks better in camouflage than the ones who had a sergeant pepper fetish, or probably a private benjamin bleach in the shower - or barracked a silver vault that did not amount to anything. Is saving face still worth all the trouble, instead of focussing all our energies on building? Or shall we save each other’s hides, and just keep to our builds, and turnarounds without minding all the cultural gaps? I’m sure we are all like-minded here.

We just need to stand behind the Greta’s, the Gretel’s, and the Bobby’s who had nothing to prove, and yet gave everything to volunteer themselves and their tuppence into a stance that might actually save the world.

Me, I’m just glad i didn’t need to go through a spine-load of hard-bound homework.



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