Exploring the context of being spoiled.

I am not a definitions expert or anything, but the semantics are a little annoying - or at best, tricky - in a social context. And since, i am tasked (or re-tasked myself) towards the business of being social,

this is a crucial point taken.


Keeping a glossary of terms to help out the SOCIAL misgivings of a generation or two, post-world war is partly solved with the raising of them outside of the affected nations.

This beseeches all understanding of all systems that make us daunt others, or ourselves - and what takes place within the socials that happen - but un-acknowledged areas of misunderstanding?

Why are people daunted?
Being exempted from having to do oculars, and extremely visible work would accompany the

How do we handle ourselves in this context?
The corrugated appeal of a social milieu, that travels from one plane to another - is definitely un-disrupted by the un-timely (and un-anticipated) product of networks-social, or at properly being the contemplation of the periphery of your current circles.

Can we keep our state of minds, in social contexts where people name-call as a way of seeking allegiance, or in hipster towns, stay closely to their circles?

The School Of Life has some funny texts that might consider the eligibility of being status-impeded to a social climbing explosion of inter-racial marriages, to gain this distinct eligibility. In certain places, it’s a non-sequitur because the grids (the things that are maintained - same circles - allow the interchangeability of conundrums, and keep you from qualifying or explaining to the institutions the technicalities of something that in populist-areas or labour-intended systems, will never fathom. (I realised). And should probably - for the sake of economic propriety - not know of these traditional un-coping or mis-directions that can’t for hundreds of centuries be reconciled peacefully in today’s definitions of social currency.

What exactly is Social Currency?
The technium had been trying to collect a footprint that is mashably definite to suffice the internet as a form of proper press release mechanism, and not just a platform for passing articles on any digital capacity.

Earned : having a footprint, before and after the digital explosions of the platforms, circa 2007-to-mobile-cellular actually surfed the net on your mobile devices.


Hacked : taking the time-stamps and fixing them, or whatever they do to all those blogs/ footprints that existed before the internet became safari land.

is for another post.

It resembles our credit vs. cash debates - (and we might stay in the cafés overnight) unless we keep it short.

Is it a time debate - chicken and egg, or simply a heralding of what iconic was in the digital age - post-hipsters, and pre-confusion era of whether being un-digitally-savvy was a thing.

Fun Fact: We don’t want to grow up ruining our social circles, nor anyone else’s. We exist in tandem with them - and despite the upbringing of many, it won’t be a thing to name-call someone to shame their origins. It’s absurd.

And now concluding this awkward post, on being spoiled: It’s not a thing.

(ARTHURR was here, on his Nth-i’m-old birthday - and having a Flat White in his very missed presence.*)


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