The Bubble That is the No-Loop-Intxns: #ExperimentallyVoided

In the last leg (or less than two weeks) of the last Quarter of the post-millennial noughts, tens, and entering the twenties in Tee-minus one month. Is anyone feeling the panic yet?

Two bottles of rioja in, i think it suffices to say that we are always going to be judged at the point of an EIR, or entrepreneur-in-residence - on their KRA’s (key results action), to affirm their performance - apart from enduring the year, and the sublimation of the twenty years in the making.

When people contribute falsely into the edict that we do not prosper or evolve our senses with our own capacity, we can falsely eliminate the things that probably makes us happy.

(More on this later.)

Secretly understanding our need for people - when sometimes, the obvious solutions are right in front of our faces, makes us realise that the complexities, are the mire that we are needing not equity to the solutions - we are not problems, per se - but the tools to deal.

The real problems are that we do not (or no longer have the understanding) to seek out people to walk with, talk to, or know how to approach them - in our contextual confusion.

Is that just now? Was that because of the all-easy-access pass of digital? Oh, i can text her - or message her LATER…which is a real dilemma for real relationships to happen. First, our calendar happened (a diary in my time - the little notebook that turned into a PalmV when we had more things to deal with), Second, the rolodexes turned into iPhone Contacts, that we can with every iOS update, make available to any device we occur in. (Thanks to keychains, browser palpability / (and later on, security) & secretly indulging in and valuable data on boarding - we don’t need to keep updating our devices.

Third, it was the data series projects that made people realise the heft of information we needed to deal with, per person. But as modern times had rolled on, we in our climb to control our privacy, and secure our data - realised that the less we had of it, the less we needed vaults and appariti to worry about.


It’s analogous to having boyfriends i guess - the more you have lined up as suitors, the less you actually need of them. Does that make sense? The full plate makes everyone worthy. I think it has something to do with the economic model of scarcity, circa 2007.

It’s not a humble brag, it’s a realisation that’s been brought on by the dement of having my DAD pass away very early in his 60s - which causes me infinite sadness to this day. But has made available my attention for the males around me, afterwards. Now. There’s. Space. For. Men. (More on that later..) Conversely, it lifts all my previous need for his approval, and closer examination to his lingering attentions.

We are going to need more vitalist-geared resolutions - not just general-phased ones. We value time, in no longer the tunnel-visioned ether that was in the last two decades. There is urgency. There is skilled planning. And now, there are tools.

Decemberists #EliminatingtheNeedForETherMermen #


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