The changing above-din patterns in all that passion-crafting.

When you leave things blank, as formats sometimes require them - in fields of requirement - ideas, and entire entries are in peril, as they mostly disappear. You must “put the title in first!” As a matter of protocol, (blech, that word!) as it is a matter of not being disorganised in the chaos of the ether - when there’s clearly an entire 30-man team behind you, waiting for architecture-mapping and quality assurance for every edition, version, page release - or in the case of Content Management Systems (CMS’s), a prerogative of how the programmer or designer actually made it to be “friendlier to user”.

And because in marketing digital systems, we rarely make things to suit their purpose, simply to get into TechCrunch pages - there is no need to obligate ourselves to their actual usage, and the people who get frustrated in the daily mire of having to make their words/ published.

As a copywriter by profession, as well as marketing person (who dabble in actual production of product) - there is a distinct and clear organisation value that merits that attention - the creation of something that serves the person called the “end user”.

I guess i should be writing this entry to that other more hacker-friendly-reader treptrips - which have more people in the nod about things like this, but it is un-available. Again, because of the slight mishap in tech that requires me to get over user burnout and frustration to a level that mends, above all else, the energy expended fighting the makers who don’t really give a shit about end users.

In corporate world, it’s always the finance or marketing groups that push the elements of “social” or caring about what the consumers think about the product. Or legal. (Or we make them care.) We dial their departments up, email them incessantly and make their people call our people in a conference, and dial down what we should do. Map it out, and in about two or three days, make it happen.

When that corresponds to building something that actually benefits more than the ROI of the team, it actually is a wonderful thing to bear - and see its after-effects of.

In short-sightedness - the difference between copywriting / that craft that had been long-heralded for its infinite amounts of breadth to market and sell products by the lot - is not magic. It is, like the CMS features of a publishing company - part of the process. It is in its features, that commensurates the task and adjusts all the levers to make sure the outputs that (said these obscurated legal and finance teams, to project needed numbers and outline all offsite risks in the mediated term, have specified) will be reached, in a well-thought about and settled launch date.

It is a process.

It didn’t just come magically out of air.

It is like, having a carbon cycle - or even in a smaller scale system, how nature works as in how your science class explained it, if you paid proper attention - it is not a gallantry of a series of romantic notions put together, canned, launched on tv, and made a PR package out of to fund smaller third world nations in their need of water, or occasional nutrition for their children.

It didn’t originate in the mangling and romanticising of having millennials become more passionate about building when it didn’t involve sassing their parents, who think their value-building will not amount to anything as good as their parents have had it, or the fact that their peers are of to get them for doing better in school - and will sabotage their builds, as they see it fit their agendas.

This couldn’t be further from what happens in being passionate, and pursuing your future you and them, and us, and maybe they - who will. And retiring with these skills you have honed, sought out in others for, been intensely fallen for, publicly-fascinated with, and cut across all demographics to, and become more than a “freak among others” post-corporate, and post-couple-singularity. A fractal is a fractal, until it isn’t. An element, is always fundamentally, an element.

That owl, will be for the next entry.


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