Xmas is Christmas, Styled &Shrunk.

So two guys walk in a bar, and made small chitchat with the barkeep….
I’m not giving you free beer.

Ok, whatever. (Not that kind of bar.)

We take the coloured pens of our childhood and just scribble afternoons and scrolls of time away.

On that precious white page.

It’s like taking it out on all the post-its. Where there might be a resolution to all the weird public outcries that hold people to their dignities, very wantonly, than irrevocably simply wanting to understand.

It can absolutely succumb itself to the slacker mete-ing of being a social collateral for the crowd. (Yes, it’s another post that concerns social posting, and the demise of actual socials within the social media circles). I was out for dinner, and ran across an ex-officemate from Ogilvy, i said Hello, and she barely recognised me. I figured, my general rule to Social media networks from now on: (As a resolution, no less) Do not be friends on networks with those you aren’t actually friends with at all - or if you tapped them on the street and they say Hello back - that’s a clear sign.

They’re a Keeper.

As of today (the last month of 2019) - i have reduced my 12-year Facebook presence - as a first social network down to 400 from the initial 1200-strong network frenzy of friending everyone you know in the world at that moment in time (a very interesting metric btw) - in a fervour of 2004-early-(nonHarvardalum)-onboarded Facebook versions that took in the rest of the world by storm. I didn’t think it was a glitch - it was a natural turnover - as years rolled by - people died, disappeared and considered a no-turnup at all the same-country meetings. Some people use it as a Rolodex. I keep it as a diary, mostly. Of people - intersected with places, and work, and travel - we went to see TAG and post picture. I think Zucks had this in mind as well, as a matter of interaction - but they aren’t as solemnised in the timeline of everyone’s version of Forever.

Especially when it came to the Legacy dictums - that was real scary. The fact that your digital content, exceeds your lifespan. It’s like, furniture, or houses, or things that are in-animate. That stare us down from their realms, on the very materialised beings that we are. We have consciousness, but they will be there until the very last world war.

Brings us to the era where our desolate experience of self, does not become the transparency of actual life - we corrupt the internet with things that permeate us in real life. Does this mean we should de-regulate it? Let people decide, or do we hold the FCC’s to their true undertaking of censorship, and consideration to all in a democratic use of communal airtime? (That’s been an ongoing debate since 2011).

I will not comment, that’s going to be for another un-tiring post:

I think the word SOCIAL is not as generally known : Gen X - just being in a state of flux with friends, GEN Y-Z: being on the internet, and sending pics and posting.

THAT is seriously mind blowing.

Technology can cause gaps in our communications, because it’s caused a GAP in our state of socials.**

When we continentally, have Europe having trouble with finance, and America (as a compound estate of futures, impacted) with its fast-rising-high social values, we have Asia next to come up with it new money invested on social, and hoping to build what people clamour.

It’s a strange capacity, without observing the objectives of building.

This interaction with space, digital and actual - has come upon us all in the weirdest of ends to its very un-posed sycophants, taking our time to initialise the mis-en-place of interaction is not something that we can risk to overlook. In any instance. There are risks that every culture can find themselves a proper solution to achieving that perfect balance in its

And this corners quickly into an identity issue, that we haven’t seen in a thousand years of continental systemic accountabilities. Sometimes, we submit to them, but more often than not, we ignore them.

Not doing the real analyses of being unencumbered to calk up the cracks on the petulance of being unattributably complex. This is related to my Painting Books

It’s neither too late nor too early to be fully effective, but it would be harder-pressed to say that in the coming year, things are coming up roses.

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