#GreyMatterSocials: What is an apothékar? (iv)

This is a budding creative or artist’s palette: the arsenal of her soul.

Sometimes, we mistake art to be the memetic equivalent of your expressed selves (however we want to define that in the immediate sense or the long run). Sometimes, the budding activation integrals have nothing on the fact that we have our private equities written, imagined for a reason.

Creativity is not passé. It isn’t even en masse.

It is why we need to protect it, very delicately and not expand into the ether of being corruptible or on a platform that becomes other technology creative fields that “enable it”.

There’s a difference between THE CMS, and the stuff that goes into it.


When we enable creativity with technology, without making the tools themselves - we are the tech makers - and create a specific ordered processed into computers and value a creative impasse that has been architected into a set of values to integrate into a design that collaborated with the specifications that would put interface to the human eyes, and brain, and aesthetics.

Technically, we did not create the tools of tech that creates the content management - we can make the JUG, but we did not make WATER. So, the creative stuff that we fluidly encase, is the content - it is in motion, and constantly changes - and this is what we put order into.


That thing that flows. That needs to be titrated to be announced into the receptacles of other people’s feeds/ inboxes/ phones/ and other messaging platforms that pop up - this becomes endless inventions of editorial imagination.

What makes you read them?

Is that what culture became - that tiny portable PDF document you have in your phone application - the DRIVE - that used to be mega C Drives that i had to reboot several times as my 486 chips could stand. I think we all need an end goal.

And this is more about what cures us. Water. Flow. Energy. Creativity.
And that is what we write for.

TheStuffOfHeartsAndMinds #InTricklesOfFridays #


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