#GreyMatterSocials (A Series): Why do we need a definition of terms? (ii)

In our own work specificity, we allot a number of alignments to be being interacted with similar people who have basic skills, that have been taken up on their credentials to enter the workforce, that allowed them a reward of a salary doing a regional/ internationally recognised function that allows them to work in any place or company that matches or requires their talent in the world. This is what Workforces look like.

In the sensitivity of a number of things that are in the “multinational grid”: that horror of a place that most people desire to be qualified for, interviewed in, to be able to establish themselves - or, at least in their parents’ eyes. I think we need to specify that though, we are all given the opportunity, in theory with factors that are allotted socially in the system: a free-for-all education, maybe a leg-up in the gantry of workforce entry with the CPF system (a salary matching by the corporation as a reward of permanently residing in the country - that goes into a retirement fund that compounds your savings into a sum that allows you a decent living standard when you are a certain age).

This commands a number of factors that are not entirely controlled by you - your educational attainment, and the match that allows corporations to look into your details, and actually hire your skills in order to command a monthly salary - whether that was socially perceived as being fair game had it been them in your shoes - or if there was actual shortage of roles to the amount of capital actually being given to the corporations and startups to provide the service of fair, and gainful employment to everyone whose money circulated in the economy it was built upon.

This makes for an efficient nominal system - without needing to rely upon the undercurrents of having a third or fourth job - in the weekends, to attempt to pad the actual steady rising of expense in living in the 8.8Million base of a city-nation. When in certain countries, you can live as well as you pleased, without question or social pundits arising, as to having you rise further than the citizens living among you.

This migrationary platform is usually dealt with, very inefficiently - by having a discrete expatriate group, to where the locals will pleasingly culturally attain themselves to be in - and to be them, at one point - having lived here, as well as explore the nation’s fascination with other nationals making it here with their living. Expatriates, normally bring their jobs with them. They create work, and are funded by their home countries. And this is why they enjoy a certain lifestyle and grouping that are different from what the local government usually offers their locally derived and paid skilled workers.

The contract workers, however develop a certain nationality configuration where a certain nationality - is identified by their fellow “white collared” peers who work in corporations (as a result of a higher educational and professional attainment) as the ones who work here in any contract paid work, and not in the freelance hipster manner - and are allowed with a “contract work pass” which are levels at a non-CPF-allotted range, and have a different set of social benefits to them, usually born by their service agencies, and corporate contracts.

With these differences into the national ether, we have multiculturalism happening with a slight narrow-sighted racism happening in the regard - and when we are not an educated mass/ part of the civil citizenry, we can be bunched into becoming a part of the servitude that offends sectors of honest, decent workers and reduce their contributions to society, as simply attributed to their nationality/ origins.

It takes a while for culture to emancipate from narrow-mindedness or myopic tendency, as it is in actual nation-building. Having been born after two world wars, i think i have had more than my share of witnessing a wayward nation that couldn’t get its civil wars in order, actually portray an ultimate human act to become what they sooner or later, will be.

And this is commended by the United Nations, and internationally, countries who have recognition and enlightenment in the matter of embattled institutes.

Something is always brewing with every revolution, every industrialisation, every change, and every regard of evolve. I think the pattern of its inevitability will and should, gear everyone who plan to take up their cause, and honour their mortality, with more greatness instead of cowering into the ether of subjugation, will soon examine that energy to fight for your work, the system you helped/caused to become better, and families saved in their favour, will always become a better portrayal of what it is to be human, than just probably duly minding your own business, or passing along information that derived from systems that break down, than build up.

The key to knowing the difference is not found on your youtube channels. You need to suss this out on your own empathy/entrepreneurial journeys. And with the help of the minders and the kindred whose work it is to help, in its entire genuine benefit unto itself - with that (absolute, but probably in cases of international examine, it is considered more a contextual) term called “goodwill” (not an affluence indicator, but i guess is the european equivalent to a “fondateur”), to its basis in building an international-civility, as its just cause - and possibly, worth your time on earth.

And this is how the international relations programmes are evolved, to make organisations more democratic, fair, and evolve more brightly, or at least more diplomatically. Rather than succumb to social-media tethered impropriety to uncivilised manner (even in the office!). Which is not tolerated, or should no longer be. But as the third world rises, (a good thing for people in the economic state-development industry), the socials become a little more complex, as expectations become a little more skewed towards “we are now this, therefore we are needing to be more recognised”. Even in its very nascent stages, these observed situations, un-accompanied with a much-needed cultural heightening (usually with education/ and exposure) naivéte progressions, that have been seen in all evolving patterns of economic adjustment to lifestyles that are now (a level higher).

It just needs getting to. And people can be slow. But now that you’re finally here, what now? (Hint: Bashing other people before you, doesn’t help.)

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