#GreyMatterSocials: What is an ethical design, in ETH-tech? (vi)

Applications that violate your rights to privacy. And data ownership.

Is it a policy, or public-entropy-basher? We can’t keep defecting, to that place where we can’t rely on our working spaces/ big brother surveillance modes of “seeking out the enemies of state”, or “state of mind”? I think there’s a line to which we can push back and demand our weight in gold - our private lives being compromised - by the people who “fund our being”, to improve other people’s?

That’s shitty.

The multiplicity that is not reflecting on individual privacy - to defer our rights to an ether of public multiplier effects? Put into effect by a nod, a grin, a cofounded allocation to whomever situated themselves in our stead, to our seriously daunted chagrin???

It’s something else. The gall of recovery that follows - that people think suffice us - because of the affixed assumptions to our needs as “the sort of humans” who would stand up for that, when the objectivity is obviously necessary.

It is a location-based proposition. If you are detected as ‘In third world abuse-appropriate country", does that mean you can be imposed upon?

Or will the OBJECTIVE actually referred back to - to apply to your borders and corners of the world too?

THIS is what being FIRST world is about.

It isn’t a NEW concept, it is a worldwide phenomenon to allow ourselves the trouble to be able to apply this to everyone. Not a location-based detect, like my Netflix or BBC streaming services. Which i subscribe to, btw. (An exercise in consumer recollected and behaved manner - of respecting the privacy-mode-elected by people, as individuals). And not the collective minority.

Experiments in these, to effect to social are under weigh. And i am thankful for a very pliable model - and applicable to collapse systems that are eliminated not to work - in a closed circuit system - to everyone they intend to target, and in future, be FIRST world as taking part of its principles, not being there - in location-sensitive detected nations.

ETH-Tech - is a lifestyle-by-choice Intxn designed for humans, by humans - based on confirmed observable facts. We are all beloved humans here.

*2020Goals #LastPost2019 #

P.S. Happy Three Kings, btw.


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