#GreyMatterSocials: What is an ‘intxn’, based on ethical design? (v)

Another Friday café downtime, another passive article.

What is Activation?
And how does it matter in our lives?

When my main aim was to engage, enhance, and solve these matrices of problems that people carry with them - in their happenstances, as they are.

Whether it was a problem for the ecosystem to solve or whether it was a crucial estate evolving the current status quo.

(Always a really good problem).

When tactical marketing was on sight, three decades ago, it was about espionage, now it’s about information - and the funnels that concern the platforms that hold their places in the sun, firmly.

Now, we know how that evolved. Do you?

Or is the cyclical seeking of patronage-to-media take us back to the medieval Dark Ages, and not the Renaissance of its enlightenment?

I think our Bandwidth is wider now. And there is no need to captivate the wrong side of the audiences - unless there are reasons to cajole people n the wrong side of their brains?

We will instil a sense of patronising the correct side of ego : we all have been be-smirched before. And we are not evolved enough as human species, that we are above its serious scathes, from time to time.

If you are into martial arts, and kendo - or karate - won’t you befall its very technicality of being in the wrong kinds of mats, or in its levelling up stages - that it was honestly the nature of combat - to have scrapes, and falls, and missed arrows?

So, this, is the natural ecosystem. And we are dealing with interactions au naturale. Still. But, in the quadrant of Human.

Interaction is #INTXN, (where the value of | X | is Absolute)
(Welcome to 2020), soon-ish.


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