Life, as a wave.

(#3LAAD): The Series of Life.

In the timely tradition of writer trait of un-punctuality, these articles defy the characteristic poignancy of ironic defiance to format, as very needy aesthetes.

I am having a brownie as i write this. And i’m not sure i do it any justice to be any more promiscuously un-promised as to adjust content - to - date, or at least to previously affixed date. (Ah, the magic of digital…) - you can totally write a draft (as i have) two weeks, and adjust it the very last minute, as you publish to contain to-the-minute content that was just picked up - instead of making another quite separately.

I am having a hard time to keep to the rules - that once was terrified writers had to simply clear their sinuses with - but, i think i am at liberty to apply myself very liberally in these here pages.

(Thank, you digital.)

According ourselves to the limitations, are as it were, the norm of the clear im-possibility of structure, events, places, time-defying statutes made for certain milieus that digest the political, traditional rather than the what-ifs, and rather than risk, we confine. And this here is proof, that risk is sometimes poetically worth every minute of a minor fear of the unknown.

Many of the entrepreneurs today - staying on course with the topic of what is a WAVE - as a continuity of one particle to another, is simply an organised & synchronised series of events-in-writing, or actualised plans, to reach end goals. Or positions. In post-Newtonian era. And all that. Tackling life, when all this information - it doesn’t make sense to go back to square one, where one is involved with apple-pulling gravity downwards, and 9.8meters-squared, still. In the time of time-space continuums, and getting things to a level where we are in grids that discusses currency in mining on a browser application. Right?

These are the happy moments - in physics, /moments/ are simply the position of a particle, and the change and the rate of its changes, are the wave, tracked in a human-eye-enabled tool, like the Light Wave tracking favourite from the Rutherford devices in the 50s, to a swiss-lab-calibre tool that tracks and magnifies for us the goings-on in every agitated, launched, poked, excited electron-jumped atom split open by scientists to see what they are capable of actually, eventually, becoming.

And also, to win every Nobel prize in the planet.

(This article is also commemorating that once, a dentist had wanted to be a doctor, but failed her Physics subject - my dear M, this one, is for you.)


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