The Thing About Hotspots.

Just like, anything else, technology is a way to work around the problems that we encounter, (in this here modern life) - or what was “the onset of the internet”.

Sometimes, we control our lives in an outer sphere of “life at work”, “masked man syndrome” or “what i left in my other world”. But the reality is, we are all now mired, and steeped in it - and not just for the nineties excuses of convenience banking, or being paged/ reached at all times, or emergency route way finding, but a real resolution to having a more comfortable life.

Now, it’s more towards the mass media revolution of either: entertainment, convenience (transport payments), and the very empathetic work-life balance (sunday lunches with family, while emailing back urgently about your server crashing in three countries).

We compare (and by we, i mean me) this to what we had before the internet - a quiet grandeur of humming whirrr of the old television set, that you needed to smack to keep the verticals from hanging in the middle of a picture. But frustrating when it needed a time-keeping to 3-4 things a day. Maximum.

Now, with the help of a computer chip inside this 5" x 8" thing that i used to keep to my ear, tethered to a wall cable, now traveling wirelessly - will adhere to my schedule quite nicely - from a happy instance of downloading the type of information that will surrender my need for a laptop - until i need a full size qwerty that is - for you know, silently suffered rheumatism. In spite of this, i am able to do about 15 things on my list (on a lazy day). And close digital publications at a week before month’s end/ before deadline.

When we encounter the onslaught of technology - we expect a conundrum that spells out what we sincerely examine as a conscientious drive towards not what the future will look like, but what the future is today. And projected onwards. The science of man, is now disrupted by a series of his evaluation, and his international peers’ answer to it. (And by international, i mainly mean the Americans.)

Technology is mainly a cater to the American lifestyle, if we are to be 360-honest. It is in their failing capacity to accommodate the growing needs of a tiny unit with their individuated needs that they need to grow a huge entrant in the supercomputing category - not their lack of math skills, as far as i know.

Sometimes, the skills set drive us very wantonly towards our very selfish needs - i download apps everyday since 2008 (or the death of my ancient PalmV in 2002), and replacing tech, has been something that, in my family, was normal.

At fifteen, i was dragged to Excel classes (and i hated accounting and entering formulas to ledgers, like i hated dental plaque), and at all points we are equipped with cellphones (my first Motorola for my car, age 23), a walkman that remotely played sustains in the playlist (an algorithm people claimed started with the iPhone). I think we aren’t really ready for the Tech Age. But, really from a scientific standpoint, it’s a growth stage that will never suffice.

Tech is never going to be ready for us.

The kind of man, woman, child that we want to be - or have - are seriously still needing loads more. Not just data bandwidth, but more a stance on being lifestyle-approved, morally impeded or superseded, that’s for the FCC to figure this out (wink). And if all this correlates to the kind of people we want to be.

That’s really, all we ask.


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