whoa, pause.. rewind. record. play. ¡edit! play. delete. install..?

These are verbs we sometimes want to apply to life itself.

I hate to tell you - that’s not gonna happen. And it’s going to stay in your mind, and maybe in your brilliant script-writing spec, that hollywood might or might not produce - to help ease others’ delineate real stuff that CAN happen, to those that will never happen.

When we need to illustrate this fully, sometimes i am led to believe it may actually be the exact retrieval of consciousness that pushes us to (re)consider marks to imbibe the zero, default versions to stages /1/ birth, /2/ school /3/ marriage /4/ etc, in your daily/ weekly/ annual timelines. And actually enact to progressively commit to producing actual edited and fully formed pages of standardised material fit to be read, by the subscribing public.

The generations are going to have trouble winding down from media, and hype, because - the ground zero - or set as default situations - are murky, or not as “youtube glossy” as they used to actually portray in magazines, during my time. Where if you landed front page or page six of broadsheets, or newspapers - it was a very big deal.

Today, people who publish their blogs - on several entries a day - won’t even be given a second look - and publicly, you had to thank every follower via private messaging you had on twitter to gain a “viral” stance, or to be massively tuned into. Whereas, corporate messaging are paid by the million for 15 seconds of your time.

So yes, you are valuable.

You have massive value - even as you sit there and watch your favourite shows - or just your mother cooking dinner at 6pm everyday, without a clue that someday this will impact events in your future. Impact-generation is harder than impact-perception - because now, it is more challenging to tear away the kids from their youtube, and message them the reminders that they choose to continually ignore, because did we do them the dishonour of not propagating the proper stance at reception stage - was it not challenging, exciting, shiny enough to compete with things they are allowed to imbibe and assess for themselves, without need of our permission or respect to our actual letting them - or giving them the gadgets they are permitted to use, and to consume media and information with?

To remain exciting, is the challenge - by society, and by social insistutes today, that is where the time has gone. Creative pursuits are transforming lives of mediocrity into lives of value - a chance that we should be able to not waste. And maybe, instead of crafting a per-post evaluation of “relationships on social” - my specially assigned term for people who seem to connect only online, and never face to face - we connect with ourselves, more deeply - as our time is actually freed up with technological elevation and compression of data. Making us, dare i say it - efficient.

There, i said it. Applause.

“My time”, (that awful grandfather’s word) was way before the internet. But i didn’t go to school with the platform people who coded them, oh wait, ok just one or two maybe. Which doesn’t really say much about the state of social today - but more or less, of my actual background that moulded and cemented my stages above ground zero “hated by millennials, and their mothers” level.

I seriously didn’t merit this by the way.

In every blog post, there is an edit button - a filter that reflect how we think - like the verbs that we induce in our machines that correspond to the actions that we execute and associate, in our real lives.

But, now our “real lives” contain these - and it is hard to make that distinction, more and more - which world is real - and which world follows? When the companies that make the products follow you - and want to make stuff “for you”, does that mean it trails back to a time when you are most cognitive, or your version NOW? Obviously, the chicken and egg doesn’t abide by the rules, and the rules don’t always compel us to think like a chicken, or egg. In that situation. We are humanly able to compel our cognitives to what matters most, assess, and do the best we can to excel in our efforts to maintain and reach objectives - in the shortest timeline possible. But we now, can do this for ourselves - not just the corporations - or the tech analytic companies that invade and pervade because “it’s life and death to get that out there”. We can also learn that word: Stop.

Alas, this narrative is not about me - it is about the concept of all the aggregations that’s taken a massive import from all our collective experiences that collide in the ethos of our brains. Hopefully, we remember, or are reminded in the matter of economic systems, as well as cohesive existence. We are forced to brainwave certain milestones to occur, in our digital existence - the only thing we can exemplify as being our one and only domain that continues to (with our exclusive formatted & recognised permission) write our legacies, in its most elegant state: our time.

(Not the reality stone.)


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