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Painting Books.

Nuancing content, is a hard gist to follow.

As in all collaborations, a limited edition or collection of books - can be as nuanced as your thought process in simplifying solutions.

This seems altruistic as first. It’s not. It’s an expression of how someone sees potential in their capability - and instead of being afraid of what it brings, knows how to land that right in the middle of a stream of elegant thought - and tarry with the conundrums, in whatever shape or form. (/Question mark/?)

This poses my real dilemma at hungrily understanding how your borders work - that concerns all our land wars, and the balance that we seek in the mind, and ultimately - to the actions that express our need to get our incessant need to get thoughts across (in the written published word, or in a violent strike, or in very thoughtless careless words), these are how you transfer that energy towards...

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#GreyMatterSocials: What is an apothékar? (iv)

This is a budding creative or artist’s palette: the arsenal of her soul.

Sometimes, we mistake art to be the memetic equivalent of your expressed selves (however we want to define that in the immediate sense or the long run). Sometimes, the budding activation integrals have nothing on the fact that we have our private equities written, imagined for a reason.

Creativity is not passé. It isn’t even en masse.

It is why we need to protect it, very delicately and not expand into the ether of being corruptible or on a platform that becomes other technology creative fields that “enable it”.

There’s a difference between THE CMS, and the stuff that goes into it.


When we enable creativity with technology, without making the tools themselves - we are the tech makers - and create a specific ordered processed into computers and value a creative impasse that has been architected into...

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The Bubble That is the No-Loop-Intxns: #ExperimentallyVoided

In the last leg (or less than two weeks) of the last Quarter of the post-millennial noughts, tens, and entering the twenties in Tee-minus one month. Is anyone feeling the panic yet?

Two bottles of rioja in, i think it suffices to say that we are always going to be judged at the point of an EIR, or entrepreneur-in-residence - on their KRA’s (key results action), to affirm their performance - apart from enduring the year, and the sublimation of the twenty years in the making.

When people contribute falsely into the edict that we do not prosper or evolve our senses with our own capacity, we can falsely eliminate the things that probably makes us happy.

(More on this later.)

Secretly understanding our need for people - when sometimes, the obvious solutions are right in front of our faces, makes us realise that the complexities, are the mire that we are needing not equity to the...

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Do they celebrate Thanksgiving in Africa?

The concept of hosting a dinner, in thanks-as-a-gathering - that evolved into a worldwide celebration or holiday, is the same as other types of Thanksgiving: Christmas (in commemoration of the Catholic faith in Christ - to celebrate His birth), Lunar New Year (as an occasion to gather families as a tradition to their ancestry that has migrated from mainland China and carry on the belief of bringing together their red-packet bearing relations, in food and show of faith), Deepavali (the Hindu faith’s Christmas tradition), Hannukah (the Jewish Christmas), Eid (similar to the Christian Easter tradition of renewal and rising from death), the Japanese celebrate renewal in Spring festivals Hina Matsuri or their Hanami spring blossom traditions, - and countless other globally recognised, propagated and widely celebrated religious and cultural traditions.

When these traditions are recognised...

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#GreyMatterSocials: What is a pension? (iii)

I woke up this morning to yet another upgrade notification from my circa-2016-Mavericks-to-Yosemite-to-Sierra macOS, wondering if my HumanOS actually needed the update / upgrade more. And if there was a quick wifi download to some invisible Texan router to enable it, from the time i brushed my teeth, to the time i was out of my wifi’s range.

Probably not.

I contemplate the rate of change we go through in a week, and understand the fallibility of human to a host of external factors: from the corrupt mindsets, to stretch mark anxiety, to seriously boring meals.

The host of problems that we have, as a contemplation to being vulnerable as un-encased walking OperatingHumanSystems, are actually not unlike your <1kg laptops, as it is actually more complicated to work out.

Or fix.

There are human needs that aren’t open to the routine fixes, or even a diagnostics team that are overpaid to...

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#GreyMatterSocials (A Series): Why do we need a definition of terms? (ii)

In our own work specificity, we allot a number of alignments to be being interacted with similar people who have basic skills, that have been taken up on their credentials to enter the workforce, that allowed them a reward of a salary doing a regional/ internationally recognised function that allows them to work in any place or company that matches or requires their talent in the world. This is what Workforces look like.

In the sensitivity of a number of things that are in the “multinational grid”: that horror of a place that most people desire to be qualified for, interviewed in, to be able to establish themselves - or, at least in their parents’ eyes. I think we need to specify that though, we are all given the opportunity, in theory with factors that are allotted socially in the system: a free-for-all education, maybe a leg-up in the gantry of workforce entry with the CPF system (a...

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Something Green, & Something DeepTech.

This was a week-long tech conference, probably more a thematic, than a week of serial tech purposing in post-work events.

Emergent in the era of building-community-as-a-general-motivation, more than a form of groundwork campaign is here to stay, people have now come out of the woodworks - and are quite compelled to build their own ventures as they encounter them.

Or because it was just “the thing to do, a la silicon valley” at the time?

The premise of both are faulted at the seams - but only as cultural traits show themselves in the crags of the foundations they are built upon.

We coordinate ourselves in the selling - as a service, as a scaleable offer to people - concentrating on the business and the shelving, the golden monetary evaluation, majority shares issues, and the eventual flip.

But are they solving anyone’s problems? Or is the ecosystem perked up to become a reward...

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Food, Supermarkets, & the Occasion-Flecked Designer Tipple.

At the premeditation of Holidays in the tri-Brrr months, we cajole the nerve of the season in our favour.

Or flavour, whatever.

There are things in the supermarket that keep you clued on what month of the year it is - and where you are in the world - even if you choose to burrow as deep as you can below the socials and din of the human terra. The type of potatoes, the kind of packaged meat imported - or displayed at the fresh deli counters - and that are what clues you in to what you can totally work with.

Not only to command your kitchen army of utensils towards, but more importantly, your palate.

In a post-third-world development - developing / emergent market post-colonial Asia, the normal people (who lived and migrated and replicated their kind to three generations since) are partial to eating out. We can’t blame them, the hawker centres and lovely fast-fare above, or beside...

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The Thing About Hotspots.

Just like, anything else, technology is a way to work around the problems that we encounter, (in this here modern life) - or what was “the onset of the internet”.

Sometimes, we control our lives in an outer sphere of “life at work”, “masked man syndrome” or “what i left in my other world”. But the reality is, we are all now mired, and steeped in it - and not just for the nineties excuses of convenience banking, or being paged/ reached at all times, or emergency route way finding, but a real resolution to having a more comfortable life.

Now, it’s more towards the mass media revolution of either: entertainment, convenience (transport payments), and the very empathetic work-life balance (sunday lunches with family, while emailing back urgently about your server crashing in three countries).

We compare (and by we, i mean me) this to what we had before the internet - a quiet grandeur...

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Another Year, Another #ConsciousFestival.

When November (or the Brrrr months) rolls around, the Conscious Festival becomes a thing of pre-Xmas & X-patriate women’s shopping fancy. The timing is just so on-pointe, that i find myself drawn to it, year after year - it’s been on since 2017.

So far, i have whittled down a few things i have been inspired by and what i aim to get / buy for people, instead of the commercially hewn things that we see around in malls today. Things to buy here (because it is just better):

1/ Soap. (In all its organic forms, and non-sulfate, fragrant, allergen-friendly variants). And drugstore-grade french organic makeup.


2/ Ethically made jewellery that circles to feed communities by founders.


3/ Skincare that are community-made, and ethically sourced.


4/ Food made from kitchens (not imported, and shipped by burning carbon fossil fuels on the round trip of being sold to you from the European...

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