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The bouncing-bambam miracle.

It was 7pm, and i was getting hungry.

Should i get a McDonald’s or should i get a pizza? I need to get dressed, because i was going to my boyfriend’s dad’s place for dinner, or it wasn’t that late to probably sneak in a pizza… but it was, rude. Not gonna risk it.

Dressed up, in my standard collegiate blue-and-white: plain white button down from when i wasn’t a thousand pounds heavier, blue slacks, & my burgundy cole-haan loafers from when my feet were dainty and less tired, and my standard issue purse-tote thing that masked the thousand things “i might need” like my physics scribble notebook from junior year.

And we went to dinner. It was a formal one - and i was shocked that there were three tables to the dinner. Was there an occasion that i turned up and not brought a present? That would be rude. Horrified, i go and say my requisite heaping three-tablefuls of hellos, and...

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Is Thursday the new Friday? Or what is, a burger joint-ed (Y) with a cultural intersection (X)? #GreyMatterSocials (i)

Two friends talk, over beer and burgers one casual Thursday after work - and they mull over all the cultural mishaps they have come across, that brought undaunted and uncalled for cosmic karma, unparalleled.

Or instead of talking, it’s actually a cerebral-drinking game to explore some questions that we take up, to pass the time (or is it just talk talk?) socially: in a “Does your cultural norm actually travel?”. Like, when you left your culture (assuming you went somewhere else to study, or live for work), does everyone else still act in the same way in a cultural middle ground, like how we speak English-as-a-neutral-language?

Here’s a tidbit, of a live snapshot of that grid.

She: When we walk into a bar, do we normally provoke that scene where
He: Or it could just be a drinking pub. Where you know, you meet up with mates, or friends.


He: Okay, my turn. When we walk into a...

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The changing above-din patterns in all that passion-crafting.

When you leave things blank, as formats sometimes require them - in fields of requirement - ideas, and entire entries are in peril, as they mostly disappear. You must “put the title in first!” As a matter of protocol, (blech, that word!) as it is a matter of not being disorganised in the chaos of the ether - when there’s clearly an entire 30-man team behind you, waiting for architecture-mapping and quality assurance for every edition, version, page release - or in the case of Content Management Systems (CMS’s), a prerogative of how the programmer or designer actually made it to be “friendlier to user”.

And because in marketing digital systems, we rarely make things to suit their purpose, simply to get into TechCrunch pages - there is no need to obligate ourselves to their actual usage, and the people who get frustrated in the daily mire of having to make their words/ published.

As a...

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I take my coffee over-milked.

Back, after two weeks of ringing in the Fourth Quarter, in a three-city trip, with a backpack that (quite literally) weighed a ton.

And realising that after two decades spent social-actively in the advertising/ marketing/ fintech-content/social-context-design industry, i have a perspective that had earned both the consternation of the pop-icon-embellished (mostly hipster-fatigued) digital generation, as well as the wavelength-respect of what traditional societies called the well-heeled, and old-schooled.

Pardon the inapplicable (we all know these evolve by the second today) terms. I confess, we can’t keep up.

The rate of catching up is to a +C speed-of-light scale that would be in a grid unimagined, when your bandwidth (the span of what we learn today onwards), had exceeded process (what you learned and the incessant bred-ingrain of needing a macro space to span evaluations from).


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Hot Pockets for Hot Shots.

When you are top of your industry, sometimes you can freelance your way to gaining back your own time, slowly. But not until?

Exploring this perspective, is what i am imagining a world where i jump from airport to airport, without a meeting to catch, and yet - commit to articles that keep up the lifestyle-as-a-paycheck that people would vicariously live through as. I think it’s been done before, as a trep that made it around the world, and writing in cafés that cornered the XML-enabled-through-a-paywall subscription service that goes through wallets that help pay for trips, probably not as Real Time (going through border channels, and credit card/ payment agents that commit to enabling this), but also to be able to continue their active pursuit of “themselves”.

Apparently, i am not alone in this. And in a world where Freelancing is a valid work-life choice, in a transitional period...

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Fun-up, on scare week.

It has been a developmental-idea-startup sabbatical of (about) a year, and a half. And in between, travels to jog the mind, and cleanse the soul’s palate. Or at least level-up the internationally attenuated spirits. (wink).

Plans to leave the mind behind, require the stern will to chill, and focus on the timely, prompted task of having fun. (Like having that annual forced leave.)

Accomplishing this takes as much organisation, if not more so, (here’s why):

  • It encompasses a focus on the trail not taken daily.

  • It makes up for timelines that for irregular work hours taken, not sure how it sums up, especially if your non-structured work hours are accommodated to train your mildly-structured brain for creative work.

  • It erases all the exacting of environments that entailed compression - like going from a shore entry earth-to-sea situation (denser states crush lungs, and you need to...

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The economics of being a girl (on the go).

When we oblige our desire to be adventurous and mobile, than our desire to gather and stick to traditional sit-down events - or just striking a golden mean midway lifestyle to actually being accomplished at both - usually, we attempt a guideline to diary our way to the most efficient way to get there.

Where do you want to go?

This is sometimes the most daunting step to determining, and like everything else worth doing - becomes the most time consuming like all the registry, and setting stuff up: like that on-boarding thing at the Start Point.

Choosing where to go, in the place you want to go: a 50-50% is desirable, but never achievable.
When you have whittled down the choices, there are just more choices.

Where are the places you mapped out in your mind, when you chose this place? (Is a good start to knowing the places that you’ll be

Luckily, you only have...

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Sequencing dna’s, & (also, of) data.

It sounds like a pilot of some science fiction episode where the characters are based on a Mameth play, but it is drawn from some actual desire that is lacking in some-midsummer-life. Which can explain why some writers, in their dawn-to-dusk stages, & in their undying refinement of craft really might excel in: insight writing, while needing the sustain of both its freshness, as well as the refreshingly retired stages of a defined after-life of sorts.

Its parallel to the genome-writing, is that we might encounter all levels of cultivation, which enhances the actual capacity towards severing the collapse of an equilateral reconnaissance - whether compounded by actual vacation spaces - will be consisted in and of the same arrival, to its very unique (sequenced) conclusion.

We can substantially mis-interpret loads of massive integrations to interfaces that complete and compare systems...

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Of summer reading lists….and tae-bo.

So, squeezing into a poolside onesie, and dedicating a full 6-8 hour sit-down to a single book, until i’ve finally actually finished it from end to end, is coming up more a rosebush thorny challenge, than a bushel of apples.

But i have made up my mind about the task at hand: to actually get my proper leisure reading rates up to snuff: i held a record 10-20 a month in my peak 20-20 eyeglass power, age fifteen. I think i need to absolutely commence it regardless of the ageing cornea not diluting in the proper daylight - or lack of it. (Ok, the iris dilutes, not the cornea, but since mine is singular-coloured, there is no real visible difference.)

Summer has gone off to a really good productive start.

With my summer guests held at a contented state of chill, the summer pace has me with its initialised bating breath of fresh air, upon which i wish to build a very inspired reading list -...

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The week of tennis, in a spate of whites bow to a sunny, post-fireworks barbecues in July. Summer is in session, indeed. Taking (the tradition of) the fifth.

Wimbledon had come to roost - in my flat screen, late-night viewing schedules, browser computer tabs, and in post-work pubs everywhere.

And because we are tennis, and sun lovers - in that order since about high school or when i got my first burgundy junior slazenger & tretorn combo, i am submitting my asterisks to the hailing of the brilliance of super goddess machinas since the time of borg, sampras, henin, agassi-graff, clijsters, nadal, becker, federer, djokovic, and classically as ever, tempest leftie mcenroe, and navratilova.

I’ve never seen Sharapova in actual action, but she has two very interesting
videos that talk about both things i applaud: her sneaker / shoe-shopping credit (amazingly, she can pick and choose as a...

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